PA Towers

PA Towers, Delay Towers, Rigging Towers, call them what ever you want, our new PA towers and screen support systems are versatile and effective structures. None require plant to erect, and they will fit into a 7.5 ton truck.

Fineline PA Tower – FLVT15

The FLVT15 PA Tower is available in various heights up to a maximum working height of 15m. The specification details below are for the maximum height tower. Working payload and wind speeds can be increased if operating with a reduced structure height. Please contact us for further information.

Supplied with all structural reports, wind calculations and safety paperwork

Max Tower Height:15.6m
Max Lifting Height:15m
Max Payload @ 15m Height:1250Kg
Max Wind Speed @ 15m:15 m/s
Base Style:V Base
Truss Type:ST52
Foot Print (Built):7m x 9m
Ballast Required:Yes
Plant Required:None
Power Required (Build):16a 3PH
Fineline PA tower