Fineline Lighting News

Looking ahead to 2020


2020 has got off to a flying start for Fineline Lighting, as we've been featured in Access All Areas magazine's 2020 trends and challenges feature. 

Our Director Rob Sangwell commented: "Production value, event design and overall look and feel are playing a growing role in visitor experience. Lighting, sound and staging professionals are working harder than ever to support artists and create memorable, high-quality live experiences for festival-goers.”

In the new year (and new decade) that's what we'll be continuing to do: support our partners and clients every step of the way to ensure that they can continue to create world-class events. 

Throughout 2020 Fineline will be celebrating our 30th year in business and we have a lot of exciting new developments coming up over the course of the year.

We're planning a number of training sessions throughout the year, the first being 'Introduction to MagicQ' in partnership with ChamSys on 17-18 February at our Clevedon warehouse. 

The courses will be taught by the amazing Rebbecca Cadd, ChamSys Product Specialist at Chauvet, and will be available free of charge to ALD members, our customers and ChamSys users.  

Day 1 (link to register here)

Day 1 will be an orientation and beginner course. 

The MagicQ basic training course covers the use of all MagicQ products including the range of PC Wings and MagicQ consoles.

The course covers starting new shows from scratch, layouts, patching, recording and editing cues, cue lists and chases, FX programming and pixelmapping.

The courses is suitable for all skill levels, but suited more to those starting out with MagicQ. Experienced users can pick up new tips and tricks.

Day 2 (link to register here)

Day 2 is aimed at intermediate and advanced users. 

The MagicQ Intermediate/Advanced MagicQ training course is suitable for existing MagicQ users wanting to expand their knowledge of MagicQ and look at some of the latest MagicQ features.

The course covers advanced MagicQ features including: advanced patching, media server control, timecode, scheduled events, execute window and group FX.

The courses is suited towards existing MagicQ users, we'd recommend previous MagicQ experience in a show environment before attending this course.

Following the sessions there will be a social in Bristol courtesy of Fineline and ChamSys.  

We can't wait to share everything we have planned for our 30th year - here's to 2020!